Watch the Top 8 Harshest Comments on Talent Shows, Prepare to Cringe

Harsh comments on talent shows, I bet one name comes to mind: Simon Cowell. Here you’ll see the 10 toughest comments on talent shows, ranked. While Cowell is known to come up with world-class insults, spoiler alert, he doesn’t rank first on the list. Over the years a number of different judges have adopted an average streak, and you will see them all. Let’s see who takes the cake.

1. Howie Mandel says “no” to Tory Vagasy

The aspiring Broadway singer took to the America’s Got Talent stage this season and blew audiences away with her rendition of “Into the unknown” from Frozen 2. Well, Mandel wasn’t too excited to hear that. He even makes a point of telling the other judges that he is “not a lover of musical theater” before she starts singing. I don’t know why Mandel felt compelled to make this secondary comment. No wonder he took the place of “Evil Judge” on America’s Got Talent this season. Mandel was the only judge on the panel who did not give Vagasy a standing ovation and voted “no” during his hearing.

2. Natalia kills X Factor New Zealand

Natalia kills, more like Natalia kills her career. I’m sure many of you already know what I’m talking about. In the second season of X factor New Zealand, Kills and her husband, Willy Moon, tear candidate Joe Irvine to shreds on national television. There’s a reason this one takes the cake as the toughest comment.

“I am disgusted at how much you copied my husband,” the judge said. “From hairdressing to tailoring, you have no value or respect for originality, you are the laughing stock, it’s old-fashioned, it’s disgusting, personally I found it absolutely atrocious artistically.”

Things only got worse when her husband decided to accumulate hatred.

“To me, that seems a little cheap and absurd to me,” Moon begins. “It’s like Norman Bates dressing in his mother’s clothes and it’s just a little scary, I feel like you’re going to sew somebody’s skin over your face and then kill everyone in the audience.”

These comments were absolutely unwarranted. No wonder they were both fired immediately after the episode.

3. RuPaul yells at Joe Black

Last season on Drag Race UK, RuPaul did not restrain his hatred of unusual fashion.

I don’t want to see any fucking H&M, she spat at contestant Joe Black that season.

It seriously made me want to never set foot in an H&M again.

“This outfit… was a huge disappointment for me,” Ru said, explaining that Black should have done more to make it unique, like adding rhinestones. “This is what ordinary people do, and you should know it because you are a star.”

4. Demi Lovato becomes the Mean X Factor judge

The second season of X Factor featured Demi Lovato on the jury. In an interview with MTV News, she said that she was “definitely changing her judging techniques to the harsher” and was found to be quite critical that season. In her review of fan favorite boy band, Emblem 3, she said she didn’t understand what Cowell was doing with them.

Lovato called their routine predictable and said they would get votes because they are young and beautiful. Very daring to ask Simon Cowell about his boy band training skills. I don’t know if you remember a small group called One Direction, but they too were mentored by Cowell. I think it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing.

5. Kara DioGuardi goes crazy for American Idol

Of all the top-notch insults you might remember from American Idol, you probably don’t remember that they came from Kara DioGuardi. In Season 9, she had very chosen words for a potential candidate with attitude. Andrew Fenlon auditioned this season with “House of the Rising Sun”. While his voice was technically good, his demeanor took a hit in Hollywood. After complaining that he had been in line all day, DioGuardi had had enough.

You want to be in the music business, but you don’t want to wait to get into American Idol, she started. That seems like a problem to me, and the fact that you have a bad attitude about it makes me shit… there are people who would wait years to do it, so now i’m mad at you, who i don’t like at all.

DioGuardi made a good point. I bet Fenlon never complained about standing in line after that.

6. Simon Cowell makes a 14 year old contender cry on AGT

I knew you were waiting to see Cowell make the list. I know, the title sounds very harsh. In season 14 of the AGT quarterfinals, Charlotte Summers performed the James Bond theme song, “Diamonds Are Forever”. While his voice was powerful and filled the whole room, Cowell hated the choice of song.

It was a terrible, terrible, terrible song choice for you, really, Cowell commented.

But don’t go after him just yet. Ultimately, he ends up encouraging audiences to look beyond the choice of song and vote for it. Cowell said he hoped America would remember what a great person and singer she was. As we know, these days he has a big heart.

7. Simon Cowell’s Wild Moment on X Factor

We take it back to its X Factor UK days, where you know Cowell didn’t hold back. In 2008, he had very chosen words for “professional singer” Holly Gervis. Interestingly, he had more to say about his physical appearance than his actual voice.

Yeah Holly, your mouth is way, way too big when you sing, I mean it was like looking in a cave, Cowell roasted. I’ve never seen anything this huge in my life, and because your mouth is so big, that weird sound comes out of it, it was absolutely terrible.

8. Louie Walsh… Again

In an episode of OG X Factor, the judge severely criticizes the cover of 16-year-old Whitney Houston. Presented as Charlotte, her rendition of “One Moment in Time” was enough to turn Walsh into evil. As Sharon Osbourne was the certified sweet judge, she tried to explain to the contestant that her voice was as delicate as a kitten. Walsh was quick to reinforce the “being strangled” comment.

It was painful, he added. “She is deceived, she is awful,” he added.

Osbourne was quick to stand up for the young girls, playing the role of mama bear.

When you think of all the harsh comments said on talent shows, I bet one name comes to mind . Let’s find out who takes the cake.

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