They were amazed by the voice of the first sister, but then the second one began to sing

The famous program La Voz is mysterious by nature. The basic principle of this singing competition is that the judges must make their decisions about the performances of the contestants without seeing them physically, relying solely on their opinion on the voices of the participants.

This season’s jury is made up of country singer Blake Shelton, Maroon 5 member Adam Levine, pop star Miley Cyrus and singer Alicia Keys. It’s always interesting to see their reactions when the contestant has been singing for the last few minutes, but it’s rare that the judges are truly surprised by the person in front of them once they’ve turned their chairs. However, there’s always a first. time. When sisters Shannon and Whitney took the stage for their rendition of the classic Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide,” the judges wowed. Shannon started singing first, and her part was beautiful. But it was when Whitney joined her that the judges surrendered to the sisters’ vocal harmony.

The four turned to look at them, and the judges gave her a standing ovation. Then, Thursdays they gave their thoughts on Shannon and Whitney. The two received a lot of praise and then it was time to make a decision and choose a coach. It wasn’t easy at all, and after a brief discussion, the sisters chose Keys to be her coach – and the singer was so glad to have them on her team!


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