The Judge bursts into tears on live television after the man sings »Us»

Michael Ketterer made a triumphant return to America’s Got Talent, and the anticipation was truly justified!

If you recall, Michael graced the show early in the season and earned the second Golden Buzzer of AGT Season 13.

A pediatric mental health specialist and the father of six children, including several adopted from foster care, Michael’s heartwarming story alone endeared him to America. However, it’s not just his character that shines; he also possesses an incredible vocal talent. His audition left the judges in awe, prompting Simon Cowell to send him straight through to the live performances.

Receiving the Golden Buzzer allowed Michael to bypass the Judges’ Cut round and progress directly to the live shows. Simon, visibly moved by Michael’s presence, couldn’t contain his admiration and showered him with praises.

«He is incredible; he is a wonderful human being as well as a fantastic vocalist. I’m overjoyed. I’m overjoyed right now. I truly, truly am!» Simon exclaimed.

During his audition, Michael’s vocal prowess and heartfelt performance captivated not only the judges but the entire audience. When he concluded his song, a standing ovation ensued from both the audience and the four judges.

Tyra Banks turned to Simon for his thoughts, but the judge, overwhelmed with emotion, initially attempted to pass. Tyra, however, insisted that Simon share his feelings.

«Oh my god, Michael, look at me. Oh my gosh. As a father, I understand why—I can’t imagine what you’ve done, let alone being on this program. You desperately need it, and you’re a very unique individual. I’m not sure what it is about you!» exclaimed Tyra, capturing the emotional essence of the moment.

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