Heroic Police Dog Saves Lives and Reads Minds, Leaves Judges Emotional

Over the years, all of us can agree that Simon Cowell is the hardest nut to crack among the judges of Britain’s Got Talent. His straightforward personality and unfiltered words have left many in despair. But this performance turned out to be a miracle as it brought out the soft side of Simon.

The video features Policeman Dave Wardell and his companion, Finn whose friendship is going strong for 7 years. As soon as they entered, the charming dog earned everyone’s delight. But Finn proved that he was not just about cute looks as he stunned one and all with his impressive mind-reading tricks.

However, what came next was the performers’ back story. 3 years ago, while on duty, a criminal tried to stab Dave with a 10-inch knife. But Finn courageously jumped in right on time, risking his own life for his buddy! The subsequent injuries left Finn in a life-and-death situation. Fortunately, he was able to pull through and proved that miracles do happen!

WATCH the tear-jerking video of their story. Make sure you have enough tissues around!


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