Boy On Fire: 16-Year-Old Crushes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finals

The 16-year-old performs to the 2012 Holmes hit, “Caught In The Fire,” a song that is perfectly paired with the incendiary production values and Aiden’s explosive form.

Aidan’s love for acrobatics began at just 14 with a tree and his grandma’s bedsheet. Then, the prodigious teen took it upon himself to learn aerial art.

Aiden has since mastered gymnastics, contortion, hand balancing, and even archery in just two years without any previous experience.

Now, the Virginia native brings his amazing (and distinctly dangerous) aerial routines from the backyard to America’s Got Talent stage.

It will be so hard to choose a winner this year, but Aiden absolutely stands out. He is so explosive and fast and leaves everybody on the edge of their seats.

With a powerful combination of undeniable charisma and eye-popping talent, Aiden Bryant is a high-ticket, Las Vegas stage show waiting to happen. Just watch his latest performance. My jaw was on the ground!


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