A father sings about his missing son on “Britain’s Got Talent,” bringing the audience to tears

Finding out that other people have experienced the same horrible thing as you could be a source of solace and hope. British members of the Missing People Choir have lost relatives or children.

 The group sang a haunting rendition of I Miss You

They assert that singing together is “good for the soul” and helps them to grow as a group since they can support and encourage one another. The choir auditioned for “Britain’s Got Talent” recently, and Simon Cowell and the other judges were blown away by their performance and inspirational message.

 Simon gave a rare glimpse of his emotional side as the choice brought him to tears

The choir performs the song “I Miss You,” which was written by one of the singers, Peter Boxell. After a soccer game in South London in 1988, Peter’s 15-year-old son disappeared. Peter is still hopeful about seeing his child again.

Following their performance, the judges all declare how proud they are of them, and several spectators begin to cry.

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