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This page is for reference of sold horses

2005 AQHA Buckskin Gelding


2005 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

This gelding has been used to work cattle and trail ride. Lots of time in the mountains, guiding elk hunts. Packed meat, will go all day. Sure footed, great outdoors!

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Sweetest, Most Lovable Mule Around Sweetest, Most Lovable Mule Around

SOLD ~ Thank you Marilee!

Sweetest, Most Lovable Mule Around

Trainer's favorite, hands down!!! I will shed tears when she finds her new home. This sweet girl absolutely loves people, does not have a mean bone in her body. Been shown, great on the trails, sure footed and pretty! Loves daily attention, great with the young ones too. Takes care of her riders and is extremely honest. Delivery Available

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Trail Ranch Black John Mule    Trail Ranch Black John Mule


Trail/Ranch Black John Mule

Very handsome 15.1 hand mule that is very sure footed. Finished in the bridle, big stop! Great on cattle and outdoors.
Delivery Available.
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2010 AQHA Brown Gelding2010 AQHA Brown Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Vanessa

2010 AQHA Brown Gelding
Sire: Texas Dan SK Dam: Two Eyed Belle Star

This gorgeous gelding is breathtaking! "Mr T" is big, full bodied and stout, with lots of pretty! Very quiet, laid back disposition and ground manners. Extremely sure footed on trails, and in the mountains. Would make a great head horse prospect with his size and build. Heavy bone, big feet! Delivery Available.

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2006 APHA/ABRA Dun Gelding   Sold

SOLD ~ Thank you, Susan!

2006 APHA/ABRA Dun Gelding

This is one special boy! Been shown, great on trails, been to the beach, wonderful to work cattle on! A true All Around horse loaded with all the pretty one could ask for! Very sweet, laid back disposition. Been safely ridden by all levels of riders, including the kids! 15.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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AQHA Sorrel Gelding for Sale   2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Little Mo Mitzo
2005 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

This is a cowboy's dream gelding! Very finished in the bridle, big stopper! Worked many long days in the feedlot, loading cattle trucks and sorting pairs. Extremely athletic, big and stout! Solid ranch horse with an exceptional pedigree. Not for a beginner. 15.2-15.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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Tyler     Kylee

SOLD ~ Enjoy your new horse, Kylee!

2010 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

This handsome gelding has a pedigree that speaks for itself. Has had reining training but is really best suited for trail riding, working cattle, roping, etc. Nothing seems to bother him, very good minded. Sure footed outdoors, willingly goes where asked! Exceptional disposition and ground manners. Ties, Cross Ties, Clips, Bathes, Loads/Hauls. Here is one that you can do just about anything with! 14.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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2010 AQHA Red Roan Gelding  2010 AQHA Red Roan Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Marianne.  Enjoy this special boy!


2010 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
Sire: Good N Sultry x Zippos Mr Good Bar
Dam: Goody Goody Good x Good Version

There are very few geldings that can do what this guy can! Western Pleasure, Trails, Cattle Work, Drill, he is one that truly does it all, with ease and finesse! Sired by Multiple Congress and World Champion Producer, Good N Sultry by the famous Zippos Mr Good Bar! Not only does he have an exceptional pedigree, his disposition is spectacular! Very kind hearted, willing and sweet. As honest as they come. Absolutely suitable for a youth or amateur looking to show but also wants that all around family horse. A Must See Video! 15.3 hands. Delivery available.

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2011 AQHA/APHA Bay Gelding  2011 AQHA/APHA Bay Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Kathy!
2011 AQHA/APHA Bay Gelding
Sire: Lazy Loper   Dam: Zip Shasta Zip
This exquisite gelding is now offered for your consideration.  Going beautifully on the rail with a very soft jog and a 10+ lope!  Showing huge promise on the trail course and can extend nicely for the Hunter Under Saddle.  Not only a fantastic show gelding, he has also been rode in the mountains and on trails.  Spectacular, fun disposition, makes this special boy a great choice for a youth or amateur looking for a forever partner!  15.3 hands.  Delivery Available.


SOLD ~ Thank you, Erica.

Grey & White Paint Trail/Ranch Gelding

This stout gelding has been ridden outside in all types of terrain. Very sure footed, goes through it all. Heavy bone, big feet, with lots of substance. Used to gather and sort cattle, knows how to get the job done. Delivery Always Available.

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AQHA Red Roan GeldingAQHA Red Roan Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Dee!  I hope these boys fit into your family perfectly!

2005 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
Sire: Tatons Pappy
Dam: TM Starfires Christy

Here is one fancy, finished bridle horse! If you are looking for a handsome gelding, that is exceptionally well broke, this is the one to look at! He does it all, with ease and finesse. Very sure footed on trails, great on cattle. Very finished in the arena, over obstacles, flags, tarps, you name it. Exceptional ground manners with a 10+ disposition! 15.1 hands. Delivery Available.

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Klassic Disco Jack

SOLD ~ Thank you, Dee!  I hope these boys fit into your family perfectly!

2003 AQHA Red Roan Gelding
Sire: Little Disco Colonel x Little Disco Tucker x Peppy San Badger
Dam: Klassic Tessie

This spectacular gelding is one of a kind! A Must See Video!!!! Fabulous on cattle, wonderful on trails, as quiet and gentle as they come. Very sure footed, extremely stout with heavy bone and big feet. Disposition 10+! Delivery Available.

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AQHA Black Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Sharon.

2012 AQHA Black Gelding

This one of a kind gelding does it all, with ease! Fun to ride, great on cattle, in the arena, flags, trails, you name it! Not a spooky/jumpy type of horse, very sure footed and is confident out alone. Not barn/buddy sour. Exceptionally sweet, easy going disposition. Neck reins, moves off legs, etc. Delivery Available.

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2008 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding2008 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding
SOLD ~ Thank you, Tyson

SGN Martin
2008 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding
Sire: Araujo San Pete x Araujo San x Mr San Peppy
Dam: Cowboys Royal Rey x Doc Holliday

This fabulous gelding does it all!  Great on the ranch; works cattle, gathers, sorts, been roped on, etc.  Lots of trail miles and been in the mountains.  Finished bridle horse that works well in the arena, as well.  Kind disposition and exceptional ground manners. 15 hands.  Delivery Available.

Trigger Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding Trigger Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding


Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding

Ride the most handsome gelding in the barn! This big 16 hand, stout palomino is a real looker, with a fabulous disposition. Used extensively on trails, in the arena, drill and working cattle. Head, heel, tie off and doctor cattle. Finished bridle horse that is a true gentleman! Delivery Available.

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2005 AQHA Gray Gelding 2005 AQHA Gray Gelding

SOLD ~ Enjoy him, Dustin!
Fantons Tuff Cowboy

2005 AQHA Gray Gelding

Very broke gelding that has spent most of his days on a working ranch. Handy with the daily chores, working cattle and trails! Very sweet disposition with a big heart and lots of try. Been ridden by all levels of riders. Delivery Available.

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SOLD ~ Thank you Kevin and Marla!

2010 AQHA Dun Gelding
Sire: Picks Hickaboon x Peptoboonsmal Dam: Sheza Miss Print

Fantastic minded young gelding that is well on his way to becoming a Super Star!!! Stocky built & thick, will make an exceptional heel horse. Big stopper, spectacular disposition with a pedigree in the purple! A must watch video! 14.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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Mac  Mac

SOLD ~ Thank you, Jeanne!


Trails... Ranch... Pack!

This spectacular mule is extremely sure footed and great outdoors! Not only fabulous on the trails, very handy around the ranch gathering and sorting the cattle! 15.1 hands. Great disposition/ground manners. Delivery Available.

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AQHA Chestnut Gelding
AQHA Chestnut GeldingAQHA Chestnut Gelding
SOLD~ Thank you, Julie.  We hope you enjoy him!

2008 AQHA Chestnut Gelding
Sire: Gangster Chic x Smart Chic Olena
Dam: Rattle Me A Tune

This unbelievable gelding is one you need to look at! Finished Reiner with NRHA Earnings, however is absolutely as beginner safe as they come! Been ridden by all levels of riders. Very trustworthy and honest, not a hole in him! Loving/sweet disposition with the best ground manners. A MUST SEE Video! Delivery Available.

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AQHA Palomino Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Michelle!

2002 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Sire: Boomtown Gambler x Bueno Chex
Dam: EBG Code Me In x Topsail Cody

Very athletic gelding that is soft and light in his face, with a big stop! Moves out with ease, sure footed with no quit! Finished bridle horse that excels in the arena but is also very broke outdoors. 14.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding    Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Jody.  Hope you enjoy him!

Gorgeous All Around Palomino Gelding

This incredibly sweet gelding has done it all! Ridden countless hours on the trails, drill, camping and shown in Western Pleasure & trail. Excellent choice to sort/gather cattle with! Not the fastest horse, but very comfortable in a herd. Slow and soft, with exceptional ground manners. 15.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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2007 APHA Dun Tobiano Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Ramona

2007 APHA Dun Tobiano Gelding
Sire: Delta Promise x Delta Olena x Doc O'Lena
Dam: FH Babs Hancock

This gorgeous boy does it all! Great on trails, around traffic, in the water, mountains, you name it. "Stetson" is a great choice if you have cattle to work. Has been used for calving, sorting pairs, doctoring and roping in the feedlots. Sweet disposition with exceptional ground manners. Delivery Available.

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SOLD ~ Thank you Mike, enjoy this special boy!


Sweetest Family Gelding

This adorable gelding is one the whole family will enjoy. Very loving and kind, extremely honest with a heart of gold! Loves attention, disposition 10+! Been safely ridden by all levels of riders. A good, loving home is a must! Delivery Available.

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SOLD ~ Thank you Dee for your continued business!  We look forward to keeping in touch with you and all the boys!


This exceptionally sweet gelding is great on the trails, working cattle or babysitting the youngsters! Very kind and honest, exceptional disposition and ground manners. 15.2 hands.
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