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This page is for reference of sold horses

2004 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Jeff
DC Watch Trace

2004 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding
Sire: Happy Trace Dam: Watch A Diamond

This gelding has spent most of his life on a ranch. Used for daily chores, penning, sorting pairs, etc. Sure footed, stout, with heavy bone. Not a beginners horse. Will last all day long. Ties, cross ties, loads, hauls fine. Delivery Available.

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PtHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Nancy!

2012 PtHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding
Sire: MM Apache Two Hearts Dam: AB Coca Cola Cowgirl

This cute gelding has plenty of extension with his ground covering stride. Sporthorse Deluxe! Lightly started under saddle, ready to continue his training with his new owner. Exceptional disposition and ground manners. Ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, etc. Delivery Available.

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APHA Grullo Overo Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Char! You are going to absolutely love this sweet boy!

2004 APHA Grullo Overo Gelding
Sire: Cluistic x Maximum Conclusion
Dam: Lookin For Trouble x Hot Scotch Man

Show Horse...Ranch Horse....Trail Horse! Yes, he does it all! If you can sit in the saddle and hold the reins, you can ride this gorgeous boy! Strides out beautifully for the Hunt Seat, can slow it down for the Pleasure. Absolutely fabulous outdoors on the trails and on cattle. Very sure footed, not the spooky/jumpy type. Family owned his whole life, very used to kids and taking care of his rider. Exceptional disposition, a good home is an absolute must! Delivery Available.

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2001 AQHA Bay Mare2001 AQHA Bay Mare

SOLD ~ Thank you, Bea
2001 AQHA Bay Mare
Sire: This Chicks Smart x Smart Chic Olena
Dam: Dox Hickory Holly x Doc's Hickory

This gorgeous mare is catty! Shown when she was younger. Currently being used daily to work cattle, trail ride and work in the arena. Finished bridle horse that is fun to ride. This mare has lots of cow and expression! Currently under lights and open, if you want to breed her. Pedigree is exceptional! Disposition 10+, very easy mare to be around! Delivery Available.

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Dun Roan All Around Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Dolly.  We hope your family enjoys this special boy!

Dun Roan All Around Gelding

Ride the most handsome gelding in the barn! This sweet gelding has the best ground manners & disposition. Very laid back, with a soft eye. Extremely nice to ride on the trails, not the spooky/jumpy type but is very sure footed. Not barn/buddy sour, as he rides out alone just fine. Used to loud noise, traffic, dogs, etc. He is very comfortable gathering/sorting cattle, truly one the whole family can enjoy! Delivery Available.

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Big, Stout All Around Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Red River Studios!

Big, Stout All Around Gelding

The name says it all with this big gentle giant! He is extremely stout, loaded with heavy bone and big feet. Great outdoors, sure footed and travels out nicely! Been used on a big ranch and feedlot, no stranger to working cattle. Great ground manners and a kind disposition. Travels nice in the bridle, neck reins, moves off legs, etc. Delivery available.

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AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Lynn, hope you enjoy this fun gelding!

2007 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding

Big, solid blue roan gelding with a fabulous, kind disposition. Pretty headed, extremely handsome! Used for it all... lots of outdoor trail miles, been on overnight rides, great through rough terrain, cattle, arena, you name it. Finished one hand neck rein, very soft and responsive. Best ground manners, a complete gentleman! Delivery available.

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2014 APHA Palomino Mare   2014 APHA Palomino Mare

SOLD ~ Thank you, Janie! We wish you the best with this amazing filly!

2014 APHA Palomino Mare
Sire: CR Good Machine
Dam: Golden Invitation x Special Invitation

Extremely elegant filly that is bred to win! Slowly started under saddle for her upcoming futurity year. Soft, slow jog, with a 10+ lope! Very correct and balanced with an exquisite neck and top line. Unbelievably quiet temperament, coupled with a very sweet/loving disposition .
This spectacular filly has already proven herself many times her yearling year achieving many Futurity Championships, Class Wins & Money Earned.
Nominated to APHA Breeders Trust, Breeders Trust Bronze Futurity, Sierra SSA and CCPHC SSA.
Delivery Available.

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SAfe and Kind Horse     Safe and Kind horse

SOLD ~ Thank you, Dee.  We hope you enjoy this fantastic gelding!

Safe & Kind! True All Around Horse!

This amazing gelding is the whole package! Ridden by many beginners, takes care of his riders. Trail ride, 4H, roping, hunting, parades, drill, ranch work... he literally does it all! Not only is he exceptionally broke, he's the sweetest boy with a very gentle, loving disposition. Exceptional ground manners! Once in a lifetime type of horse, a must see video! Delivery Available.

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Rodney    Rodney

SOLD ~ Thank you Rick! What a wonderful Christmas present for your wife!
If you are looking to own the sweetest gelding in the barn, may want to check this boy out!  Has the kindest disposition and softest eye.  Well trained in the arena and on trails.  Very sensible with a heart of gold.  He is very much a people horse and loves attention.  Not a mean bone in his body, as sweet as they come!  Delivery Always Available.
AQHA Palomino Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Gayle.

2006 AQHA Palomino Gelding
Sire: Legendary Skipper Dam: Princes Romina Loom

Great trail and ranch gelding that is pretty to the eye! Very sure footed, used to traffic, dogs, loud noises and wildlife. Used to gather and sort cattle in the mountains. Nice disposition with exceptional ground manners. Ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, loads... Sweet/kind eye. "General" enjoys daily attention and is looking for someone to make him their own.

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APHA Sorrel Overo MareAPHA Sorrel Overo Mare

SOLD ~ This gorgeous filly is off to Canada! Thank you Thomas and Donna! We look forward to keeping in touch with you!

2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare
Sire: Finely A Star Dam: Impressivemoneydream

This gorgeous filly is 100% the whole package! If you are looking for all the pretty someone could ever want, plus the performance, here she is! Going beautifully under saddle, already proven in the APHA Halter pen. "Dreamy" has earned 2 APHA ROM's in Open & Amateur Halter, with over 40 APHA points. Nominated to Oregon Triple Crown, SPHC & Bakersfield. APHA Breeders Trust. 15.3 hands. Will continue training until sold. Delivery Available.

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Rusty     Rusty

SOLD ~ Thank you Nikki, I hope you enjoy this special gelding!
Safe, Kind, Honest and Broke!

Small, pretty bay roan gelding that is as broke as they come! Finished bridleless reining gelding, amazing on the trails, sure footed and safe! Great with flags/drill team and working cattle. Finished bridle horse that is very laid back with an exceptional disposition. 14.3 hands. Delivery Available. A MUST SEE video!

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2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding     2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Becky.  We wish you much success with this exceptional gelding!

2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding
Sire: Finely A Star Dam: Ms Lacy Sadie

This spectacular 2 year old gelding is one of the nicest youngsters I have ever started! Very slow legged, extremely trainable and easy to get along with. Will absolutely make a youth or amateur a fantastic all around gelding. Very flat knee, deep in the hock, gorgeous top line, with an elegant head and neck! Currently, "Hawk" is sitting #3 in the Nation for Open 2 Year Old Geldings. He has over 150 APHA points, with Superiors in Open & Amateur Halter. Nominated to Oregon Triple Crown, SPHC & Bakersfield futurities. APHA Breeders Trust. 16 hands. Will continue training until sold. Delivery Available.

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Super Dual Nic

SOLD ~ Thank you, Nick!

2006 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
Sire: Plain Dual Nic x Just Plain Colonel x Colonel Freckles
Dam: One Super Sue

Extremely athletic gelding that is very broke in the arena, been used on trails and gathering/sorting cattle. Big stopper, exceptional pedigree, stout and handsome! Exceptional ground manners. 15-15.1 hands Delivery available.

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2007 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding     2007 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Connie! Hope you enjoy this spectacular gelding!

2007 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Tobiano Gelding
Sire: Working Under Cover Dam: Can Do Dot Com

This fantastic double registered gelding absolutely does it all~ Show him in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Halter, Patterns and Trail! Then, enjoy him when you work cattle, take a nice trail ride or ride around brideless! Very fancy boy that is loaded with pretty, coupled with a fun personality! This is a true All Around gelding that has been ridden by all levels of riders. 16.1 hands. Delivery Available.

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CH IM Mighty Fine


2014 APHA Sorrel Mare
Sire: Finely A Star
Dam: Mighty Pallea x Mighty Titan

This adorable mare is new on the market! Sired by World Champion Sire, Finely A Star! Lots of body, loaded with pure elegance! Exceptional pedigree to either halter or ride, then will produce fabulous foals down the road. Currently 14.2 at the wither, 15 hands at the hip. Delivery always available.

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Tucker  Tucker 
SOLD ~ Thank you Tanya, we hope you enjoy this fun gelding!
"True All Around Family Gelding"

This fabulous gelding does it all! Great on trails, used in the mountains. Roping, Cattle Work, Flags and even works bridleless! Sweet, loving disposition with a heart of gold. Ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, etc. A true friend the whole family can enjoy! Nationwide delivery available.
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AQHA Black Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Gina!  You are the proud owner of my favorite gelding!  I can't wait to keep in touch with you over the years!
He's Tall, Dark & Handsome!!!!!


2011 AQHA Black Gelding
Sired by: Ty x Macs Good N Plenty Dam: Im Plenty Good

This exquisite gelding is proudly offered for your consideration. Exceptional mover with a gorgeous slow jog and 10+ lope. Serious western pleasure gelding but also showing great promise in Trail. Very quiet, sweet disposition makes this youngster one of the favorites in the barn. Suitable for a youth or amateur looking to go to the top! AQHA Incentive Fund, NSBA. 16 hands. Delivery Available.

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SOLD ~ Thank you, Gale. Hope you enjoy this special boy!

Gorgeous Sorrel Overo Gelding

This handsome boy is fabulous on the trails, very sure footed. Is loaded with performance training as well, making him a very nice All Around gelding the whole family can enjoy. Sweet disposition with exceptional ground manners. Delivery Available.

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2003 APHA Palomino Tobiano Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Jackie.  Hope this great gelding is everything you are looking for!

2003 APHA Palomino Tobiano Gelding
Sire: Im Glad Im Dun x Hollywood Dun It
Dam: KLM Layes Rising Star

Meet "Cowboy"... he's a once in a lifetime type of gelding! If you're looking for a horse that absolutely does it all, make sure you check out this fun video! Amazing, laid back, sweet disposition with a fabulous pedigree!!! Can be ridden by any level of rider. Finished arena horse, drill/flags, trails, cattle, you name it! Delivery available.

Current Video:

SOLD~ Thank you Cecil!  I hope your family enjoys this nice boy!

Red Dun Overo Paint Gelding

This fabulous family gelding is a big gentle giant the whole family can get along with! He is not a fancy show horse but has spent many miles outside on the trails and in the mountains. Very sure footed, point and shoot type! Great on cattle, used to sort pairs and gather. Exceptional, quiet disposition with a kind eye and huge heart. Handsome boy the whole family will fall in love with! Delivery Always Available.

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AQHA Sorrel Gelding     AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Sold ~ Thank you, Gary. I hope this guy fits your needs perfectly.

2002 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Sire: Jessie Trucha Dam: Gays Prissy Storm

This fabulous All Around Gelding does it all! Finished bridle horse, neck reins with ease, moves off legs, finished with a very gentle disposition and ground manners. Wonderful in the arena, with extremely smooth gaits. Solid on trails and working cattle. 15-15.1 hands. Delivery available.

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AQHA Grey GeldingAQHA Grey Gelding

Sold ~ Thank you Tanya, we hope you enjoy this wonderful gelding!
Chubbys Hillbillydoc

2003 AQHA Grey Gelding

If you are looking for a show horse that has a ranch horse disposition, here he is!!! Rides Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Reining, Trails, Works Cattle and Roping . Gorgeous stride, finished bridle horse, all with the laid back, quiet disposition and kindest eye. Suitable for all levels of riders. Once in a lifetime type of horse! 15.3 hands. Delivery Available.

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AQHA Grey Gelding
APHA Black Tobiano Mare


2012 APHA Black Tobiano Mare
Sire: Tar Boy ShoShone
Dam: Suzie Bingo

This well started youngster is ready to finish in whatever direction you choose. Loaded with athletic ability and pretty, she is sure to get noticed anywhere she goes! Great performance foundation, ridden many miles outside, ready to move into her new home!  Delivery Available.

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APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Jessica and Rae Anne!  We hope "Smoothie" fits perfectly into your family!

2000 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding
Sire: Ima Awesome Sonny x Mighty Awesome
Dam: Sucha Smooth Ruth x Sucha Smoothie x Smooth Town

This exceptionally well bred gelding does it all! Absolutely loves kids, safe and sane for any level of rider. Great in the arena, trails, working cattle, roping, you name it! Not only is he a pleasure to ride, he has all the looks and sweetest disposition to make you a forever partner! A good home is a must! Delivery Available.

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Best Mule Around Best Mule Around

Sold ~ Thank you Brian and Judy!  You will love this boy!

Best Mule Around!

Safe for the kids, as sweet at they come! Great on trails, flags, packing, working cattle, roping, you name it! Not spooky, just a safe and sane sweet boy looking for his forever home! Will go through anything, very honest boy! 15 hands. Delivery Available.

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Palomino Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you, Thank you, Patricia & Happy Birthday!  Hope you enjoy this great little gelding!

Fabulous Trail/Penning/Sorting Palomino Gelding

This adorable gelding is short and stout! Been used exclusively on trails and penning/sorting cattle. Perfect heel horse prospect. Has seen many miles in rough country. Very sure footed, goes anywhere you ask of him, with ease. Nice one hand neck rein, with a sweet disposition and exceptional ground manners. Delivery Available.

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AQHA Buckskin Gelding     AQHA Buckskin Gelding

SOLD ~ Thank you Jerald. Hope this guys fits well into your family.

2002 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
Sire: Dollars Cloud Dam: Jacks Sunshine Gal

"Harley" is a gorgeous registered AQHA Buckskin Gelding that has been used for lots of trail riding, working cattle and arena work. Very good with traffic, dogs and through rough terrain. Extremely sure footed, heavy bone, big feet. Stout and loaded with pretty! Delivery Available.
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Bandit     Bandit

Sold ~ Thank you Sallie!  I appreciate your continued business.  Hope you enjoy this great guy!
Best All Around Gelding Around!

This gorgeous 16 hand gelding is tall, dark & handsome! If you are looking for a horse that literally does it all, here he is! Finished arena horse, carries flags, works cattle, wonderful on trails, packed in the mountains, all with exceptional ground manners and a sweet, gentle disposition. Very kind and honest. Big bone, hard feet, with lots of body. Sure footed, point and shoot type of horse. Delivery always available.

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Lacey B Lopin     Lacey B Lopin

SOLD ~ Thank you Jessica and Virginia.  I appreciate your continued business and look forward to working with your new girl to make her everything you want! 

Lacey B Lopin
2014 APHA Chestnut Tobiano Mare
Sire: Skips Classic Gold
Dam: Don't Skipa Impulse

This darling coming 2 year old is ready for her futurity year ahead! Soft jog, gorgeous lope. Exquisite neck, loaded with pretty with a fabulous disposition! Slow legged but can extend with ease. Continued training always available. Nominated to APHA Futurity Gold, APHA Breeders Trust, Oregon Triple Crown. Delivery Available.
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