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Thank you Judy, hope you enjoy this guy!


All Around Family Gelding

This sweet gelding does it all! Great on trails, finished bridle horse, great in the arena! Used on cattle; done team penning and sorting. Exceptional ground manners, with a very easy going disposition. 11 years, 15 hands. Delivery Available.
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freckles     freckles

Sold ~ Thank you Joyce, Mary and Chelsea! We hope your family enjoys this fabulous mare as much as we did!
2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare
Sire: Poco Doc Fritz Chex
Dam: Perfect Lil Playgirl

This gorgeous mare is the whole package! Beautiful mover, great on trails, very laid back and quiet. Sweet disposition with a huge heart. 15.1 hands. Delivery Available.
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Blondie     Blondie

Thank you Leia, hope you enjoy her!

This gorgeous youngster is truly the whole package. Extremely sweet, loving disposition with great work ethic Showing to be very athletic and loaded with pretty! Will continue training until sold. Been ridden lots on trails, now starting her performance training. Delivery Available.

SOLD ~ Thank you Jennifer! I hope you and your family enjoy this fabulous gelding!
Extreme Ranch / Reining Gelding
This athletic gelding has been used extensively on a working ranch, great to rope off of, has professional Reining training and has been used on the trails. Loaded with work ethic and loyalty, he will never quit his rider. Will last all day, huge heart! A fantastic home is a must! Delivery always available.
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Secret     Secret

SOLD ~ Thank you Lynn, I am looking forward to working with you and Sammi!
CH Imprinted Secret
2013 APHA Sorrel Overo Filly
Sire: Secrets Legacy x Secret Class
Dam: Mr Sent A Valentine x RH Mr Imprint
Elegant filly loaded with muscle and plenty of pretty!  Stunning mover, showing much promise for her under saddle years ahead.  HYPP N/N. APHA Breeders Trust.

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SOLD ~ Thank you Todd.
This, big red roan paint gelding stands 15.2 hands, has lots of bone, with big feet. Great for all levels of riders. Very gentle gelding, that consistently just does his job. Been used for lots of trail riding, arena work, etc.... Sweet disposition, exceptional ground manners! Delivery Available.
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SOLD - Thank you, Marnie. I hope you enjoy him!

Stout, All Around Gelding

This gelding has lots of body, with big feet and heavy bone. Fun, kind gelding to enjoy in the arena or on the trails. Finished in the bridle, sure footed with a kind disposition and exceptional ground manners. Delivery Available.
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SOLD - Thank you, Darla. I hope he fits well into your family.

Gorgeous Chocolate Palomino Gelding
This sweet boy is loaded with pretty and is the barn favorite! Very sweet and loving, loves to buddy up with his riding partner! Has been ridden by all levels of riders. Very sure footed, with heavy bone, big feet and straight legs. Solid build with a huge heart! Great in the arena or on trails. This boy is looking for his special someone to love him! 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.
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SOLD - Thank you Christie, we appreciate your continued business!


Big, Gentle All Around Gelding
This sweet, safe gelding is wonderful for beginner riders, or riders needing to build confidence. He has more "slow" than "go" with a very nice handle. Sure footed, great outdoors! Kind and sweet! Heavy bone, big feet and very stout! 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.
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Sold ~ Thank you Julie, hope you enjoy these boys!
Gorgeous All Around Buckskin Gelding

Ride the most handsome gelding in the barn! This gorgeous boy is wonderful on trails and in the arena. Lots of pretty, with a big heart and lots of try. 15.2 hands. Delivery Always Available.

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Sold ~ Thank you Julie, hope you enjoy these boys!
2007 Black and White Paint Gelding

Exceptional Trail Gelding! Used in the mountains with rough terrain. Very sure footed! Big feet with heavy bone. Built to last all day. Very stout! 15.2 hands. Delivery Available.
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tiny   tiny

SOLD ~ Thank you Jacqlyn and Justin!  I appreciate your continued business. 
"The Gentle Giant"

This sweet 16.1 hand liver chestnut gelding is great for all levels of riders. Has spent lots of time in the mountains, great on trails! Been used for sorting and penning, does well in the branding pen. Rides well in the arena. Exceptional ground manners. A true gentleman! Delivery Available.
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SOLD ~ Thank you Christi!
Fun, All Around Gelding

This fun gelding has been used for lots of trail riding, pushing cattle, ranch roping, etc. Been ridden mainly by kids. Is extremely stout, with lots of bone. 14.2 hands. Delivery Available.
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SOLD ~ Thank you Rick for your continued business.  We hope Amigo fits well into your family.

This kind gelding is wonderful for beginners, children or riders needing a horse to build confidence with. More "slow" than "go" with exceptional ground manners. Great on trails, in the arena, working cattle... you name it! 14.1 hands. Delivery Always Available.
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Flash     Flash

SOLD ~ Thank you Holly, I hope you enjoy this fine gelding!
2007 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding
Sire: Sparky Dun It x Sparks Well Dun x Shining Spark
Dam: Chex Fancy Page

This handsome gelding has been used extensively on a working ranch. Lots of ranch roping, doctoring, etc. Great on trails, works beautifully in the arena. Extremely stout, big bodied! Sired by an own grandson of Shining Spark; NRHA Hall of Fame $4 Million Sire! 15.1 hands, Delivery Available.

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Skittles     Skittles

SOLD ~ Thank you Robbin!
Prettiest Kids Pony Around

This little girl is what every little girl is looking for! Sweet, loving and very gentle. She has been used for parades, trails, even pushed cattle. 13.3 hands. Delivery Always Available.
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2010 AQHA Sorrel Mare

"Reba" is a gorgeous AQHA mare that is going beautifully under saddle.  Lots of pretty, very sweet and extremely trainable.  Price will increase with training.
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