Heza Mighty Secret
2009 APHA Sorrel Overo Stud Colt
Owned By: Precision Training

Secret Class x Mighty Pallea

Well, some of you all know about Nana Anne.  She is my grandmother that stood behind me my whole life.  She just passed away in January.  So, let me tell you about yesterday, April 16, 2009.  It was a very special day for me...

 April 16 is Nana Anne's Birthday.  We had one more mare due to foal.  The mare, "Llea" was out in the pasture yesterday, a separate pasture, by herself.   There were hundreds of birds that stood by her all day.  Heath and I were talking about it all day... why are so many birds surrounding her... all day????  Llea was 45 days past her due date.  Needless to say, she foaled last night.  Not only did she foal on my grandma's birthday, she foaled a duplicate colt of my stallion I just lost, Elvis!  This guy is a spitting image of him, every marking is exact! 

I usually don't look into things like this, but I know my grandma was looking after me yesterday.  Those birds were her spirit!  She knows that I miss my Elvis everyday, and wanted to give me his "perfect" son!  And she did, on her birthday!

My grandma passed away just this year.  She is the one that gave me my life with horses, and supported me through all the years.

As I was having dinner tonight, I kept thinking of the whole day yesterday, trying to figure out what the perfect name would be for this very special boy.... My grandma's name was:

Anne J Giordano, his barn name came to me....  "AJ."  It's just perfect!