Mare Care & Handling Services 


Mare Care:


All outside mares will be housed in stalls or outside paddocks.  They are welcome and encouraged to stay until they receive their 15 day ultrasound confirming pregnancy. 


All mares are groomed daily, and maintained to perfection.  Special instruction or procedures such as graining, blanketing, etc. are always included in the daily fee.  Regumate and other medications are additional.


$15/day (dry)

$18/day (wet) $550/mth


Handling Fee:


All mare owners are required to pay a one time handling fee of $175 which is good for the entire breeding year.  This includes daily teasing & handling, collecting stallion, inseminating mare, or breeding in hand, which ever is required by the stallion owner.  This fee is due when the mare arrives.


Foaling Services:


Our mares here for foaling are housed in 12 X 18 foaling stalls, bedded in thick bedding and cleaned twice daily.  They are observed 24 hours/day, and are examined every couple hours as foaling is near.


The foal will receive E-Coli Antibody Supplement, daily navel care, Tetanus Antitoxin Injection, and 1 week of imprinting.  It is recommended that a veterinarian come out within 12 hours for an examination of the foal and an IGG Antibody Blood Test.  This fee needs to be paid directly to veterinarian. 


$450/mare + board


$18/day or $550/month


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