ultra sound horse - Christine Boehle     Christine Boehle - breeding program

*** Precision Training LLC is proud to announce we can handle your repro ultrasounds!


  Stallions are welcome to stand at our facility for just the breeding year, or all year long.  All of our boys are conditioned daily and maintained to perfection!

  We are set up with a state of the art full laboratory, which is where we do all of our semen analysis.  We artificially inseminate and ship semen.  Mares that are here to be bred on the farm, are welcome to stay until they receive their 15 day ultrasound confirming pregnancy.

We do offer foaling out services as well.  Our foaling stalls are 12 x 24 lighted stalls complete with camera systems.  Please call for additional information, or to reserve a spot.

breeding barn

breeding barn

breeding barn


  If you are thinking of breeding, or have any questions, always feel free to contact us!  Wed be happy to assist you in anyway we can.

Mare Care and Rates

Please take a moment to view the fine boys we have to offer at stud!